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Ready To Practise Your Haggling Skills, Try Shopping Here In Kuala Lumpur's Markets. Not For The Faint Hearted!

You can find pretty much anything shopping in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from eating, it can be considered our national past time. Here we will explore the key markets that make up our bargain shopping. As for the hardcore, high heel stiletto shoppers (you know who you are), do pay our shopping malls a visit. The phrase shop till you drop should not be taken lightly here! :)

1) Central Market - Built in 1928, Central Market was originally the largest wet market in KL and has become the showcase for the culture of Malaysia. You'll find a wide selection of handicrafts, artwork, clothing, jewelery and more common souvenirs such as T-shirts and mugs, along with sampling of Malaysian food.

2) Chinatown - Chinatown or better known as Petaling Street to locals seem to never sleep. It is constantly filled with mass of shoppers looking for bargains. It is only a short walk from Central Market. The covered section of Petaling Street is a haven for cheap clothes, handbags, electronics, watches, CDs and a great choice of Chinese hawker and stall food. The action runs from about noon until midnight and is most crowded during the evening. Don't leave home without your haggling skills...and your eye for quality!

3) Little India - Anything is for sale in this market, from sarees (Indian women's clothing), music, bootlegged software and movies to five dollar "Rolex" watches and "Ray Ban" sunglasses. Enveloping the entire market is the enticing aroma of various Indian spices.

4) Chow Kit Market - This is a great place to wander and bargain for knockoff designer clothing and accessories, fake watches, sunglasses, souvenirs, T-shirts and pirated videos.

5) Medan Pasar/Old Market Square - An activity hub of the city in the early 1800, Medan Pasar was home to markets, opium and gambling dens. However, in 1907, the square was demolished and replaced with three-storey shophouses. The Market Square Clock Tower, constructed in 1937 to commemorate the coronation of Britain 's King Edward VI still stands at the heart of the square.

Want more? Don't hesitate to check out Kuala Lumpur's other attractions like Fun For Everyone, Museums And Galleries, Culture And Art, Historical, Recreational And Nature Excursions and last but not least, our Constructions And Monuments. Happy exploring!

I hope I was able to furnish you with exactly what you were looking for. If not, please accept my humblest apology and you may resume your search elsewhere in this search box.     

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