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Want To Know What Makes Kuala Lumpur So Attractive? Come Study Our Culture And Art. We Know Just The Place For You To Start.

Like the headline says, to truly appreciate the attractiveness of Kuala Lumpur, you really gotta understand the fundamentals behind its beauty. Most if not all of our key man-made buildings and structures around the city are even built with the elements of our Malaysian culture and art. These are merely a few places to help you get started.

1) Royal Selangor Visitor Centre - The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre will provide a complete visitor experience, it is comprised of three main sections; the Interactive Gallery, the Factory Tour and the Retail Store. Royal Selangor is the most well known name in the pewter industry, reputed internationally for its high quality and craftsmanship.

2) National Library - With architecture made to resemble a traditional Malaysian headgear called the tengkolok, the National Library is a vast depository of publications about Malaysia, works by Malaysian authors and ancient Malay manuscripts. Very modern and very state-of-the-art.

3) National Art Gallery - Established in 1958, the National Art Gallery has grown from a donation of 4 artworks to a collection of more than 2,500. The gallery houses exhibitions for local Malaysians and international artists.

4) Asian Art Museum - The Asian Art Museum near the University of Malaysia possesses a fascinating ensemble of ceramics, woodcarvings, sculptures and textiles. To date, the museum has in its possession approximately 2000 volumes which are available for the purpose of research.

5) Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia - Created to foster a better understanding of Islam through artifacts, manuscripts, textiles and other Islamic objects.

6) Petronas Gallery - Both contemporary and traditional works are exhibited here. Look out for art demonstrations, forums, classes/lectures, performances and other related activities held periodically in its multimedia and lecture rooms.

7) Petronas Philharmonic Hall - It gives a huge boost to Kuala Lumpur's classical scene. The intimate performance venue is fashioned in the style of a 19th-century European concert hall. It hosts varied concert season each year featuring both international and local performers.

8) National Theatre - This theatre is fashioned after the "wau" or the traditional giant Kelantan kite poised in mid flight. The Istana Budaya as it is more commonly called also host major local and international theatre and dance productions.

9) Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex - The is the place where you can obtain handicrafts at fairly lower prices comparatively. You are even able to participate in making a craft of your own unique design. The popular items you can get here are traditional arts, sculptures, batik paintings, pottery and much much more.

10) Malaysia Tourism Complex (MTC) - MTC is the ideal venue for art and culture connoisseurs. Diverse performances can be expected such as drama, theatre, musicals, dances and exhibitions to traditional games and competitions.

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I hope I was able to furnish you with exactly what you were looking for. If not, please accept my humblest apology and you may resume your search elsewhere in this search box.     

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