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Pack Your Tanning Lotions And Get Ready To Be Saute-ed In The Sunny Weather Of Kuala Lumpur!

The weather here in Kuala Lumpur is ideal for outdoor activities and you most certainly can expect the busy crowd outside to concur with this. If the idea of being bathed by the rays of our tropical sun in the afternoon and ultimately surrender to the cool breeze at night thrills you, then this is definitely the place to be. Where else can you hope to achieve a nice golden brown tone while you take a scenic stroll about this amazing city? This takes the term multi-tasking to a whole new level and is highly recommended for the busiest of people. Although, running about in the nude may not be such a good idea. We Asians like to keep that kinda stuff indoor. :)

The temperatures are in the range of 21 degrees Celsius / 70 Fahrenheit to about 32 degrees Celsius / 90 Fahrenheit. You might find the weather here to be rather humid at times like i do. The upside is that this is pretty much what you can expect all year round except for the month of November till mid February which is usually the rainy season.

The climate in this city gives you plenty of time to do alot of outdoor walking and sightseeing if that is your thing. In doing so, it is very important to think lightweight. Don't be too worried about packing your fluids or food stuff as the city is filled with dining places, convenient shops and stalls just about everywhere you look.

Short sleeve lightweight clothings are suitable for outdoor walks. On a side note, singlets or "wife beaters" are very much reserved for our elderly folks. Unless it is a fashion statement you wanna make, wear them at your own risk!

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