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Central Market – Where Art And Antiques Come Alive

Built in 1928, Central Market was originally the largest wet market in Kuala Lumpur and has become the showcase for the culture of Malaysia. You'll find a wide selection of handicrafts, artwork, clothing, jewelery and more common souvenirs such as T-shirts, pewters, antiques, paintings and mugs, along with sampling of Malaysian food. Reasonable prices are quoted here but do bargain for the best deal.

Central Market or Pasar Budaya (as it is officially known) is the first place to go if you are a big fan of our local Malaysian crafts and souveniers. Being a cultural mix shopping arcade, this shopping market is also buzzing with activities. Some say this place is even better than some of Kuala Lumpur's modern yet soul-less shopping complexes.

Well, i wouldn't be too sure about that soul-less remark. Anyway, do check out the portrait artists at work, street performers or its weekly cultural shows at the open air stage. Generally, this is the place to go for shopping, eating, be entertained or simply people watching.

Now for a bit of history.

The Pasar Budaya building was built in 1888 by the British during their rule on Malaya at that time and it was used as a wet market for the public people. Further expansions were made in 1889, 1895, 1920 and 1921. By 1933, the expansions to the warehouse would result in its current size today and cost around $167,000 which was a great deal of investment at the time altogether.

As Kuala Lumpur experienced its own development at a rapid pace in the 1970s, there were plans to demolish the site. The intervention of the Malaysian Heritage Society proved timely as they successfully petitioned against its deconstruction and the site was declared as a 'Heritage Site'.

During construction of Dayabumi near Klang River banks in 1981 the market was survived from its demolition. However on 1985 the market was renovated into vibrant and colourful new style and on 1986 it was officially known as Pasar Budaya until now.

I hope I was able to furnish you with exactly what you were looking for. If not, please accept my humblest apology and you may resume your search elsewhere in this search box.     

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