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Wanna See What Attractions Kuala Lumpur Has Been Stocking Up For More Than 5 Decades?

Kuala Lumpur's attractions are plentiful. But the fact that you're in here now, you must be the sort who appreciates history more than sightseeing and endless shopping. Good choice. You've come to the right place and boy do we have some history for you. Scroll down the list of synopsis and feel free to click on anything that tickles your fancy. Remember not to touch anything!

1) National Museum - Better known as Muzium Negara, it is the best place to learn about Malaysia. The Cultural exhibits, the Natural History section, the Ceramics section, Weaponry Gallery and Music displays all together tell a complete tale of Malaysia's history.

2) Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia - Created to foster a better understanding of Islam through artifacts, manuscripts, textiles and other Islamic objects.

3) National History Museum - Operating since April 4, 1996, houses exhibits of primary relevance to Malaysian history. As a former commercial bank dating back to 1910, the National History Museum enables visitors to experience the wealth of the country's heritage of age-old Moorish and Islamic features.

4) Asian Art Museum - The Asian Art Museum near the University of Malaysia possesses a fascinating ensemble of ceramics, woodcarvings, sculptures and textiles. To date, the museum has in its possession approximately 2000 volumes which are available for the purpose of research.

5) Bank Negara Money Museum - This Museum in Kuala Lumpur serves as a repository for Malaysia's numismatic heritage. With over 2000 permanent exhibits of coins, banknotes and other monetary items from various ages, the Money Museum will enrich your understanding of money.

6) Royal Malaysian Police Museum - There are many tiny museum houses in Kuala Lumpur. One of these is the Royal Malaysian Police Museum. Inaugurated in the year 1961 this place displays a couple of thousand articles related to crime and its prevention, artifacts and official documents. There is also a rather interesting compilation of everything that relates to the Malaysian Police.

7) Telekom Museum - Experience an innovative walk through this neo-classical Greek-styled museum. The museum contains 8 magnificent columns and features a spacious 900 square metres of exhibition floor. It is the first interactive museum in the country. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the museum displays archives of Malaysia's telecommunications development spanning 120 years—from the Morse code telegraph to the present cellular phones and digital networks.

8) National Archives of Malaysia - Formerly known as the Public Records Office, it was rechristened as the National Archives in 1963. Over 25,000 still images portray the social and economic life of Malaysia. The photographs were accumulated from public bodies as well as private collectors.

9) Royal Selangor Visitor Centre - The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre will provide a complete visitor experience, it is comprised of three main sections; the Interactive Gallery, the Factory Tour and the Retail Store. Royal Selangor is the most well known name in the pewter industry, reputed internationally for its high quality and craftsmanship.

10) Petronas Gallery - Both contemporary and traditional works are exhibited here. Look out for art demonstrations, forums, classes/lectures, performances and other related activities held periodically in its multimedia and lecture rooms.

11) The National Planetarium – Opened by Malaysia's former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 1994, this planetarium is a well-respected source of space education and exploration. The planetarium offers many static and interactive displays such as the solar system, plasma balls, periscopes, models of the Space Shuttle and Space Station, telescopes, space suits, laser mazes and transporter rooms. Various shows such as Life of a Star, Hidden Hawaii and Space Development are presented daily. Malaysians love technology and are especially proud to be sending their first Malaysian astronaut into space with the NASA agency in 2007.

12) Maybank Numismatic Museum - Situated at the ground floor of the Maybank Headquarters on Jalan Tun Perak, the museum showcases an impressive collection of numismatic artifacts dating back to the early Malaccan sultanate. Established in 1988, the museum is open daily.

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